«A high-quality primary care for our rural population...

From monthly check-ups to home or nursing home support. From ingrown toenails to acute myocardial infarctions, and chronic illnesses. From firefighter and student examinations to emergency care for ski accidents, and even serving as a Rapid-Responder.


  • General medical consultations
  • Treatment of all kinds of emergencies (accidents & illnesses)
  • Psychiatric & psychosocial counseling
  • Application of plaster casts
  • Wound care
  • ECG
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Digital X-Rays


  • All types of emergencies (accidents & illnesses)
  • Preventive examinations including vaccinations and consultations.
  • Quality assurance

    We place great emphasis on quality and have our work and processes externally evaluated to continuously improve. Since January 1, 2023, our practice has been certified as a primary care practice by the EQUAM Foundation. In Switzerland, around 25% of all outpatient facilities now carry a quality label. The independent EQUAM Foundation was established in April 1999 from a project focused on quality work in general practitioner practices with a focus on managed care, aiming to promote quality and patient safety in ambulatory medicine. For 20 years, the EQUAM Foundation has been supporting healthcare professionals with its quality programs, measuring and certifying quality, and raising awareness about current issues. Since 2003, the foundation has been accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) as a certification body for management systems in ambulatory medicine according to the ISO/IEC 17021 standard.


    We are a private pharmacy...

    We only dispense medications to our patients! Please understand that the dispensing of non-prescribed medications of any kind always requires a doctor's consultation! Dispensing medications to walk-in patients at the doctor's practice "over the counter" is prohibited according to the Health Law of the Canton of Lucerne (§ 31 Abs 4 SRL 800). Medications prescribed by us should ideally be ordered in advance by phone (Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM) or by E-Mail.  Over-the-counter health products, dietary supplements, or teas can be obtained at Volg in Sörenberg. Non-prescription medications & remedies (Categories C-E) can also be obtained at Drogerie Schmidlin in Schüpfheim.